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F W Critchley and his Voyage to India

In 1914 the 3rd Kent Battery left England for India – this website is a collection of their memories and of the now historical information they collected during their wartime travels.

Frank William Critchley – my Great Grandfather – kept a diary and photographs of his time with the battery between 1914-1919 – they were found as a collection of papers, books, medals and scraps in his belongings when he passed away in 1988.

My Grandfather gave me much of the collection, including the diary and photographs, and I am extremely honoured that they are in my possession, but many of the pieces are very fragile – opening them up is a very delicate procedure indeed! Rather than have them boxed up and hidden away in the attic as they have been for several decades, I decided to share them through this website.

Frank lived most of his early years in Broadstairs where his mother ran a boarding house Рwe have many postcards that he collected during those years, many which were sent to him by lodgers and guests.  Married to Ellen, they had two sons РJack and Frank (my Grandfather) Рand lived in Ramsgate and Margate throughout their married life.  Frank was also a talented artist, carpenter and well-respected teacher.

We also have many postcards and photographs – where possible I am trying to match them up with the diary entries, others I’ll also share on the website.

Lisa Batty