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Nairne Barracks

5 Dec 1914

[...] wake up early in the morning perished with [cold...] to make Jubbulpore Station at 10 o’clock. [Alight] the train with all...

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Travelling Through Country

4 Dec 1914

To day we are travelling through country of varied descriptions which is altogether strange to us, but remarkably interesting. We see...

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Up Country to Jubbulpore

3 Dec 1914

To day is about the first day of work we have had since we were embarked at Southampton. All the Guns, Wagons, ammunitions, baggage,...

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Arrive in Bombay

2 Dec 1914

Reveille 6. Still steaming east. The baggage party bring up baggage from the hold. Sight land about 2pm.  Arrive in Bombay harbour...

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Bombay Tomorrow

1 Dec 1914

Off Guard at 8am. Been up posting reliefs during the night, and having a quiet read during the intervals.  Two occasions go round...

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On Guard

30 Nov 1914

Reveille at 6 and turn out. On guard at 8am till 8am following morning, nothing much to do only relieve guards every two...

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Tide Against Us

29 Nov 1914

Reveille 6. Sunday. 1st Kent Bty for church parade on boat deck. East wind blowing strong, and the tide running hard against us, make...

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Fire Alarm

28 Nov 1914

Reveille 6. Steaming east by south. Fire Alarm at 4.15 pm (The fire alarm and assembly was sounded about 4 pm every Sat during the...

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Prizes Distributed

27 Nov 1914

Reveille 6 and turn out 7.45. Bath after breakfast. Physical drill in afternoon. Final of the sports. Prizes distributed. The R.F.A....

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