Lights of Port Said

10 Nov 1914

Reveille. Nothing much happened to day, still steaming east, bright blue sky, slight swell on the water. After dark, about 8pm, we saw...

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Clean Washing

9 Nov 1914

Reveille 6 am, lay in till 7.30am. Sea calm, slightly cloudy, Battery orderly Sergt for the week. Receive our clean washing, the...

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Rabbit for Dinner

8 Nov 1914

Sunday morning. Reveille 6,0am and overslept till 6.45 nothing unusual I am sorry to say. Hot bath and change underclothing, get dirty...

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Rolling on the Heavy Sea

1 Nov 1914

Sunday. 6am reveille, wash and then go below to wake up the men, who sleep in hammocks, many a groan is heard when rousing the heavy...

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