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Tide Against Us

29 Nov 1914

Reveille 6. Sunday. 1st Kent Bty for church parade on boat deck. East wind blowing strong, and the tide running hard against us, make...

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Elbow Grease

22 Nov 1914

Sunday. The usual Sunday early morning bath. After dinner too hot to rest Early morning about 2am too hot in bunk, go on boat deck for...

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Miserable Old Devil

15 Nov 1914

Sunday. Stroll round the deck first thing. Hardly a breeze now blowing. Orderly Sergt for the week.  Some men who against orders had...

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Rabbit for Dinner

8 Nov 1914

Sunday morning. Reveille 6,0am and overslept till 6.45 nothing unusual I am sorry to say. Hot bath and change underclothing, get dirty...

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