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Largest Transportation of Troo...

16 Nov 1914

Reveille at 6, walk on deck to see the convoy coming in from India, which did not finish till the end of the day, it had two warships...

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Gulf of Suez

12 Nov 1914

Reveille 6a.m.  Stroll up on deck to find that we have anchored in the night, in the Gulf of Suez off the port of Ibrahim or...

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Rolling on the Heavy Sea

1 Nov 1914

Sunday. 6am reveille, wash and then go below to wake up the men, who sleep in hammocks, many a groan is heard when rousing the heavy...

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A Glorious Moonlight Night

31 Oct 1914

Steaming in South Westerly direction, sea choppy but moderated from last thing previous evening. Later on in day still steaming in a...

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